REMICS participation at CloudMDE 2013


REMICS was participating at First Workshop on MDE for and in the Cloud (CloudMDE)  (

Eirik Brandtzæg, Sebastien Mosser, Parastoo Mohagheghi. Towards CloudML, a Model-based Approach to Provision Resources in the Clouds. First Workshop on MDE for and in the Cloud (CloudMDE) 2012. 


The Cloud-computing paradigm advocates the use of resources available \in the clouds". In front of the multiplicity of cloud providers, it becomes cumbersome to manually tackle this heterogeneity. In this paper, we propose to de ne an abstraction layer used to model resources available in the clouds. This cloud modelling language (CloudML) allows cloud users to focus on their needs, i.e., the modelling the resources they expect to retrieve in the clouds. An automated provisioning engine is then used to automatically analyse these requirements and actually provision resources in clouds. The approach is implemented, and was experimented on prototypical examples to provision resources in major public clouds (e.g., Amazon EC2 and Rackspace).

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