REMICS participation at PMDE 2012



REMICS was participating at 2nd Workshop on Process-based approaches for Model-Driven Engineering (PMDE 2012)

B. Elvesæter, M. Striewe, A. McNeile and A.-J. Berre, "Towards an Agile Foundation for the Creation and Enactment of Software Engineering Methods: The SEMAT Approach", presented at the 2nd Workshop on Process-based approaches for Model-Driven Engineering (PMDE 2012), 3 July 2012, Technical University, Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark.


The Software Engineering Method and Theory (SEMAT) initiative seeks to develop a rigorous, theoretically sound basis for software engineering methods. In contrast to previous software engineering method frameworks that rely on separate method engineers, the primary target of SEMAT are practitioners. The goal is to give software development teams the opportunity to themselves define, refine and customize the methods and processes they use in software development. To achieve this goal SEMAT proposes a new practitioneroriented language for software engineering methods that is focused, small, extensible and provides formally defined provides formally defined behaviour to support the conduct of a software engineering endeavour. This paper presents and discusses how the proposed language supports an agile creation and enactment of software engineering methods. The SEMAT approach is illustrated by modelling parts of the Scrum project management practice.