REMICS participation at MTR 2012



REMICS was participating at 7th International Workshop on Models@run.time ( in MODELS 2012 (

Runze Hao, Brice Morin and Arne Berre. A semi-automatic behavioral mediation approach based on models@runtime. proceedings of Models@run.time 2012 workshop in MODELS 2012, Insbruck, Austria, October 2, 2012

DOI: 10.1145/2422518.2422529


Interoperability is a key challenge in modern systems composed of heterogeneous and rapidly changing networked sub-systems. Because such systems evolve over time, automated run-time solutions appear to be the best way for interoperability with flexibility and scalability. This paper presents, as an enabler for components interoperability, a model-driven approach that integrates automated technique for run-time message mismatches monitoring and the generation of behavioral mediators and their deployment. In addition, a set of run-time methods for combining the solutions for basic and complex mismatches are presented.