REMICS participation at MRT 2012



REMICS was participating at 7th International Workshop on Models@run.time ( in MODELS 2012 (

E.Cariou, F.Barbier, O.Le Goaer : Model Execution Adaptation?, proceedings of Models@run.time 2012 workshop in MODELS 2012, Insbruck, Austria, October 2, 2012

DOI: 10.1145/2422518.2422528


One of the main goals of model-driven engineering (MDE) is the manipulation of models as exclusive software artifacts. Model execution is in particular a means to substitute models for code. On another way, MDE is a promising discipline for building adaptable systems thanks to models at runtime. When the model is directly executed, the system becomes the model, then, this is the model that is adapted. In this paper, we investigate the adaptation of the model itself in the context of model execution. We present a first experimentation where we study the constraints on a model to be able to determine if it is consistent (that is, adapted) with an execution environment, possibly including fail-stop modes. Then, we state some perspectives and open issues about model execution adaptation.