REMICS participation at Greenmetrics 2012



REMICS was participating at GreenMetrics 2012 in conjunction with ACM Sigmetrics/Performance 2012 (

M Mazzucco, I Mitrani. Empirical Evaluation of Power Saving Policies for Data Centers, ACM Greenmetrics 2012. ACM.

DOI: 10.1145/2425248.2425253


It has been suggested that the conflicting objectives of high performance and low power consumption in a service center can be met by powering a block of servers on and off, in response to changing demand conditions. To test that proposition, a dynamic operating policy is evaluated in a real-life setting, using the Amazon EC2 cloud platform. The application running on the cluster is a replica of the English edition of Wikipedia, with different streams of requests generated by reading traces from a file and by means of random numbers with a given mean and squared coefficient of variation. The system costs achieved by an ‘optimized’ version of the policy are compared to those of a simple heuristic and also to a baseline policy consisting of keeping all servers powered on all the time and one where servers are re-allocated periodically but reserves are not employed.