REMICS participation at MoDRE 2012



REMICS was participating at the second edition of the Model-Driven Requirements Engineering (MoDRE)(

Michał Śmiałek, Wiktor Nowakowski, Norbert Jarzębowski, and Albert Ambroziewicz: From Use Cases and their Relationships to Code, Model-Driven Requirements Engineering Workshop,

DOI: 10.1109/MoDRE.2012.6360084


Use cases are used in many methodologies to drive the software engineering process. Though, their transition to code was usually a mostly manual process. In the context of MDD, use cases gain attention as first-class artifacts with representation notations allowing for automatic transformations to analysis and design models. The paper concentrates on an important problem of constructing transformations that cater for use case relationships. It presents a notation that unifies the ambiguous “include” and “extend”, and allows for representing them within textual use case scenarios. This notation, equipped with runtime semantics, is used to construct a direct transformation into working code. The code is placed within method bodies of the Controller/Presenter and View layers within the MVC/MVP framework. Based on this transformation, an agile use-case-driven development process is possible.


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