REMICS participation in Computer Science Journal Vol 13 no 4


REMICS was participating in 2012 Vol 13 no 4 Journal on computer science (

Michał Smiałek, Norbert Jarzebowski, Wiktor Nowakowski: Translation of Use Case Scenarios to Java Code, Computer Science (journal publication)

DOI: 10.7494/csci.2012.13.4.35


Use cases are usually treated as second class citizens in the software development chain based on models. Their textual descriptions (scenarios) are treated as informal input to more formal design models that can then be (semi-)automatically transformed down to code. In this paper we will show that use case scenarios can gain precise metamodel-based notation and semantics enabling automatic processing. What is more, we will show transformation algorithms that can transform use case scenarios directly to dynamic code in Java. The presented transformation can generate the full structure of the system following the MVP architectural pattern, including complete method contents for the application logic (Presenter) and presentation (View) layers. It also provides
a code skeleton for the domain logic (Model) layer. The use case notation and the transformation were implemented within a sophisticated tool suite. Based on this, the paper discusses the evaluation efforts based on a case study.