REMICS participation in Computer Science Journal Vol 13 no 4


REMICS was participating in 2012 Vol 13 no 4 Journal on computer science (

Wiktor Nowakowski, Michał Smiałek, Albert Ambroziewicz, Norbert Jarzebowski, Tomasz Straszak: Recovery and Migration of Application Logic from Legacy Systems, Computer Science, Journal publication

DOI: 10.7494/csci.2012.13.4.53


Future Internet technologies necessitate dramatic changes in system design, delivery and usage patterns. For many legacy applications it means that their further development and transition to the Internet becomes problematic or even
impossible due to the obsolescence of technologies they use. Replacement of the old system with the new one, built from scratch, is usually economically unacceptable. Therefore, there is a call for methods and tools supporting the automated migration of legacy systems into a new paradigm. This paper proposes a tool supported method for recovery and migration of application logic information from legacy systems. The information extracted from a legacy
application is stored in the form of precise requirement-level models enabling automated transformation into a new system structure in a model-driven way. Evaluation of the approach is based on a case study legacy system.


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