REMICS participation at SEKE 2012


REMICS was presenting a paper In the enty-Fourth International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (SEKE 2012) will be held at the Hotel Sofitel, Redwood City, California, USA, July 1-3, 2012. ( )

Gaetan Deltombe,Olivier Le Goaer, Franck Barbier. "Bridging KDM and ASTM for Model-Driven Software Modernization". SEKE 2012. 


Standardizing software modernization techniques has lead to the KDM (Knowledge Discovery Metamodel). This metamodel represents several application aspects (code, architecture, etc.), while transforming them into renewed versions. On the other hand, ASTM (the Abstract Syntax Tree Metamodel) has been recently released. It focuses on the parsing of text-based files written in a given language. In practice, KDM and ASTM are intended to be used jointly when modeling source code with formal links to other software features like components, user interfaces, etc. However, the link between ASTM and KDM is often fuzzy, or even unestablished since KDM is in charge of synthesizing all captured software artifacts. This has negative effects on the attainable level of automation and on the completeness of a software modernization project. To overcome this limitation, this paper introduces SMARTBRIDGE as a means to reconcile both standards.

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