REMICS participation at ServiceWave 2010



REMICS was presenting a paper in ServiceWave 2010 ( The project had an accepted demonstration at  the ServiceWave, FIA and FIRE joint demonstrator evening on December 15.

We participated with a demo on REMICS objectives, BLU AGE® technology and Modelio tool demo with SoaML presentations of our use cases

Parastoo Mohagheghi, Arne J. Berre, Alexis Henry, Franck Barbier, Andrey Sadovykh. REMICS- REuse and Migration of Legacy Applications to Interoperable Cloud Services. Third European Conference, ServiceWave 2010, Ghent, Belgium, December 13-15, 2010. Proceedings

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-17694-4_20


The main objective of the REMICS project is to specify, develop and evaluate a tool-supported model-driven methodology for migrating legacy applications to interoperable service cloud platforms. The migration process consists of understanding the legacy system in terms of its architecture and functions, designing a new SOA application that provides the same or better functionality, and verifying and implementing the new application in the cloud. The demonstrations will show the support for two tasks in this migration: recovery process with the BLU AGE tool and the use of SoaML and forward engineering with Modelio tool.