REMICS participation at SERVICES 2011


REMICS was presenting a paper In the 1st IEEE World Congress on Services, Washington D.C., USA, SERVICES 2011 (

Mohagheghi Parastoo, Sæther Thor: Software Engineering Challenges for Migration to the Service Cloud Paradigm. Proceedings of Services 2011: 2011 IEEE World Congress on Services, Washington D.C., USA; IEEE Computer Society, pp. 507-514, July 2011.

DOI: 10.1109/SERVICES.2011.26


This paper presents on-going work in a research project on defining methodology and tools for model-driven migration of legacy applications to a service-oriented architecture with deployment in the cloud, i.e. the Service Cloud paradigm. We have performed a comprehensive state of the art analysis and present some findings here. In parallel, the two industrial participants in the project have specified their requirements and expectations regarding modernization of their applications. The SOA paradigm implies the breakdown of architecture into high-grain components providing business services. For taking advantage of the services of cloud computing technologies, the clients' architecture should be decomposed, decoupled and be made scalable. Also requirements regarding servers, data storage and security, networking and response time, business models and pricing should be projected. We present software engineering challenges related to these aspects and examples of these in the context of one of the industrial cases in the project.

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