REMICS participation at MDA4ServiceCloud 2010


REMICS was presenting a paper in the Forth Workshop on Modeling, Design and Analysis for the Service Cloud (MDA4ServiceCloud) ( in the 6th European Conference on Modelling Foundations and Applications (

Mohagheghi Parastoo, Berre Arne Jørgen, Andrey Sadovykh, Franck Barbier, Gorka Benguria. Reuse and Migration of Legacy Systems to Interoperable Cloud Services- The REMICS project. In Proceedings of Mda4ServiceCloud'10 at ECMFA 2010. 15th June 2010. 


Legacy applications are sometimes of substantial value for companies when moving towards the future internet paradigm. Despite the fact that technologies of legacy systems may be outdated, they still function for the users’ needs, capture important business logic and the cost of replacing them with systems designed from scratch is often too high. The objective of the REMICS project is providing tools and methods to support the migration of legacy systems into the service cloud paradigm based on a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). The migration process consists of understanding the legacy system in terms of its architecture and functions, designing a new SOA application that provides the same or better functionality, and verifying and implementing the new application in the cloud. REMICS proposes a methodology that covers these steps based on model-driven engineering tools and methods.

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