REMICS participation at IWRE 2011


REMICS was presenting a paper in the Second India Workshop on Reverse Engineering ( in the 4th India Software Enginering Conference (

F.Barbier, G.Deltombe, O.Parisy, K.Youbi : Model Driven Reverse Engineering: Increasing Legacy Technology Independence, proceedings of Second India Workshop on Reverse Engineering in The 4th India Software Engineering Conference, Thiruvanantpuram, India, CSI ed., February 23, 2011


In this paper, we describe a model driven reverse engineering method supported by a tool named BLU AGE®. This method initially suffered from a lack of genericity due to its development and tuning within the context of two large-scale experimentations linked to a given legacy technology. We concisely expose this method: its strengths especially resulting from metamodeling and model transformation, two core notions of Model Driven Engineering (MDE). We explain the forthcoming actions to generalize it by using the Knowledge Discovery Metamodel (KDM) standard in the ReMiCS European project especially.

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